What I’ve learned in my half semester…

As many of you know, I have been in Disney World the past half semester taking some time off from school while still taking a few classes online. I love Disney. Many of you know that too. Disney World was my happy place. Or so I thought.

Now I’m not going to rant about how horrible Disney is because that isn’t true. Disney was not my problem at Disney. It was the people I worked with AT Disney. The first thing I learned is that well, guests can be really hard to deal with. I had a woman accuse me of talking to her like a child. It was quite funny. All because I told her to go to the entrance instead of through the exit. Guests are always right though, so its good that it wasn’t actually reported.

The second thing I learned, there are some amazing people. People were supportive, nice, funny, and great. I loved working with the fellow college program folks. We would go out for late night food, laugh together, and joke around on the job (while being totally professional of course.) And my roommates!! Such wonderful ladies. They would do anything for me, and for each other. I love them so much.

The third thing I learned, school can be really hard. I of course already knew this trying to be an engineer my first two years of college, but I did not realize how hard Kinesiology can also be. I took exercise physiology, I also did not pass. I love physiology, but it was so hard. Luckily, I have to take the class again at school to get the right credit for it, even if I had passed. Anyway. School and a full time job was hard, and I don’t plan on doing that again.

The fourth and probably final thing I learned: there are some really shitty people. People are mean, cruel, and just plain evil sometimes. This includes some of my coworkers. People told me I wasn’t good enough, called me names, spread rumors about me, showed my private text messages to everyone, and told me everyone hated me. Oh and I was told I should just go home to Minnesota. And unfortunately, after feeling suicidal and being hospitalized twice, that’s just what I did. I let the bullies get to me. But they will hopefully not go unpunished. I did report the bullies.

So basically, I learned some important things in Disney. Its not my happy place, working there is hard especially with rude coworkers, and I shouldn’t let bullies get the best of me. I hope that I can take these lessons to heart and not have to repeat them. Thanks for reading about my brief explanation of a brief journey. I hope to write more often now. Love you all.


Much Love Always,