Old Poetry

So I found some old Poetry and decided maybe I’d share it. Enjoy

All I see is You

When I close my eyes,

and clear my head,

All I see is you.

Your beautiful smile,

your shining blue eyes,

as bright as the sky.

All I see is you.

When all is quiet,

my heart beats slow,

All I hear is you.

Your heartwarming laugh,

And your kind soft voice,

make my heart leap for joy.

All I hear is you.

When I’m sitting at home,

with friends or alone,

All I dream is you.

Your smile,

Your eyes,

Your laugh,

Your voice,

All I dream,

All I see,

All I hear,

Is you.

Dance Is My Sun

Dance is my sun

the source of my energy,

the joy of my heart.

My feet just go,

a fire with no control,

following the complex

beats of my soul.


A friend is someone who stands by you.

They never leave your side,

Like lions in a Pride.

They stick up for you,

They encourage your dreams,

They make you laugh,

With the weirdest things.

And when you need them,

In times of sorrow,

They offer their shoulder,

For you to cry on.

They love to talk,

But also to listen,

To help comfort you,

And hear your great wishes.

A friend always knows

When something is up,

And they ask you what it is

So they can help.

Friends help us move on,

And help us grow strong,

Friends are angels,

Sent from God

Have you ever…

Have you ever felt,

So torn and broken,

But you didn’t have the guts,

To tell someone?

Have you ever held it in,

Bottled up your feelings,

Because you were afraid

Of what someone might say?

Have you ever put on a mask,

Hid your true self,

Because you were scared

Of what they might think?

Have you ever felt like you didn’t matter?

That nobody cares,

You’re just a kid?

Well you’re not.

You are you,

You matter,

And your feelings do count,

So don’t be afraid,

To be yourself,

or just let them out.

I am

I am growing and changing,

I wonder if you realize.

I hear things you don’t like.

I see the world change.

I want you to notice,

I am not the same.

I pretend that I don’t care.

I feel pain inside.

I touch my face to wipe the tears,

I worry all the time.

I cry when you can’t see.

I am broken.

I understand your pain, I have felt the same.

I say what I can to comfort you.

I dream about tomorrow.

I try to soothe your pain.

I hope that we stay close,

I am a friend.


I can’t let it slip,

I try to blink it back,

I don’t want you to see.

But now it’s too late,

It slides down my face,

And now I can taste,

The first salty tear.


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