Old Poetry

So I found some old Poetry and decided maybe I’d share it. Enjoy

All I see is You

When I close my eyes,

and clear my head,

All I see is you.

Your beautiful smile,

your shining blue eyes,

as bright as the sky.

All I see is you.

When all is quiet,

my heart beats slow,

All I hear is you.

Your heartwarming laugh,

And your kind soft voice,

make my heart leap for joy.

All I hear is you.

When I’m sitting at home,

with friends or alone,

All I dream is you.

Your smile,

Your eyes,

Your laugh,

Your voice,

All I dream,

All I see,

All I hear,

Is you.

Dance Is My Sun

Dance is my sun

the source of my energy,

the joy of my heart.

My feet just go,

a fire with no control,

following the complex

beats of my soul.


A friend is someone who stands by you.

They never leave your side,

Like lions in a Pride.

They stick up for you,

They encourage your dreams,

They make you laugh,

With the weirdest things.

And when you need them,

In times of sorrow,

They offer their shoulder,

For you to cry on.

They love to talk,

But also to listen,

To help comfort you,

And hear your great wishes.

A friend always knows

When something is up,

And they ask you what it is

So they can help.

Friends help us move on,

And help us grow strong,

Friends are angels,

Sent from God

Have you ever…

Have you ever felt,

So torn and broken,

But you didn’t have the guts,

To tell someone?

Have you ever held it in,

Bottled up your feelings,

Because you were afraid

Of what someone might say?

Have you ever put on a mask,

Hid your true self,

Because you were scared

Of what they might think?

Have you ever felt like you didn’t matter?

That nobody cares,

You’re just a kid?

Well you’re not.

You are you,

You matter,

And your feelings do count,

So don’t be afraid,

To be yourself,

or just let them out.

I am

I am growing and changing,

I wonder if you realize.

I hear things you don’t like.

I see the world change.

I want you to notice,

I am not the same.

I pretend that I don’t care.

I feel pain inside.

I touch my face to wipe the tears,

I worry all the time.

I cry when you can’t see.

I am broken.

I understand your pain, I have felt the same.

I say what I can to comfort you.

I dream about tomorrow.

I try to soothe your pain.

I hope that we stay close,

I am a friend.


I can’t let it slip,

I try to blink it back,

I don’t want you to see.

But now it’s too late,

It slides down my face,

And now I can taste,

The first salty tear.


The Summer of a Lifetime

Whoa. I can’t believe this summer is already coming to an end. Its been amazing. Let’s recap.

I spent my entire summer at the happiest place on earth! No, I’m actually not talking about disney world folks, I’m talking about North Central Camp Cherith in the beautiful Frazee, MN. It was wonderful. I got to spend the summer ministering to 6-9 middle schoolers each week as a camp counselor. Except for boys week, then I just got to teach archery and keep our camp clean which was just as fun.

I even got to spend my 19th birthday at camp! I finally fulfilled my dream of doing the birthday candle tradition at camp and got a birthday song filled with cha cha chas and extra fun stuff at the end.

It’s still kind of crazy to think that the summer is ending. I made new friends, and I even found someone willing to date me (yeah wait what). I still personally think he’s kinda crazy but he’s a keeper. I grew closer to some amazing women of Christ, and I also grew in my own faith walk. Being at a Christian camp does that to you. I saw some of my closest friends who have helped me become the woman of God I am today. This summer was basically just amazing.

I honestly went into the summer not expecting much. I knew I was going to have the best job ever, but I still doubted my ability to stay positive and happy. I also wasn’t sure that I would be fit to counsel with some of the issues I’ve had personally lately. But I did it! and hopefully, I made a positive influence on some of those girl’s lives. They definitely taught me things, and impacted my life for good. I will never forget that first summer of counseling all on my own. Oh, and fulfilling my dream of being Bob the tomato from veggie tales for our all camp one week.

Not only did I get to work at the happiest place on earth, but I also got to work with amazing young women. One of the girls I went to camp with every year was their with me every step of the way as we both took on new roles. One of my biggest role models also was there counseling all summer. It was a pretty great time. I met a girl who taught me what it really means to be strong and courageous in the Lord. I also reconnected with my CILT class (Camper in Leadership Training). That was super fun. I saw the movie inside out while I was with her, and that was definitely a tear jerker but so worth watching. Pixar always gets to me. I did grow closer to my staff this summer, but I still felt a little distanced from the ones who have been on all summer staff before. I hope to someday connect with them all even more, but if I don’t thats okay too. I still made some great friends.

My summer has also been filled with songs of worship. I love all the singing that happens at camp. My favorite memory though of course was singing We Can’t Stop by Miley Cyrus reworded to be about worshipping Jesus. I loved singing that for our middle schoolers and then again for our staff. New favorite song right there folks. I keep saying folks thats really strange.

When I got home I got to see some of my favorite bands play in Minneapolis. Needtobreathe and Switchfoot were AMAZING! I loved watching them play some great Christian music. I love how concerts bring so many diverse people together. One man came all the way from Iran I think it was, it might have been somewhere else. Regardless, he went up on stage and got to sing alongside Switchfoot and I was pretty jealous. I hope to see them in concert again sometime.

Now I’m heading out to Utah and driving through some beautiful mountains. Family vacations are always fun even though we are driving for once. I’m still actually enjoying myself. Road trips are actually pretty fun. I can’t wait to zipline through the mountains and go down the alpine slides. Oh, and the hiking should be pretty fun too. Hopefully I can still find time to spend with God each day. I always struggle with that when I leave camp. I might actually go do that now.

Oh, and finally, soon after I get back I get to move into the coolest house ever! I have an amazing roommate and 16 others as well, I can’t wait to live in a community of Christian women. This next school year is going to be an adventure as I continue the process of transferring into CEHD for Kinesiology. I’m very excited. Oh! And I’m on the worship team for Cru this year too! So many wonderful things are happening in my life, I couldn’t be happier. I’m so thankful for everything God has given me. That’s about all for now. I hoep everyone else is enjoying their summer as much as I have 🙂

Much Love,