Choosing inspiration over envy 

This is a great take on how to deal with envy

Little Grey Box

Envy isn’t a pretty word and it’s not really a word you want associated with yourself at all, especially with it being one of the seven deadly sins and all. When we achieve something great or have something wonderful and someone is mean to us about it our family and friends reassure us that person is ‘just jealous’. Not something we exactly aspire to be.

Still, envy is something that pops up in all of us from time to time and I’ve been guilty of coveting things too… a lot. This was a really big problem for me when I was unhappy with my life, which is silly because my life at the time had been chosen by me. I had actively made every single decision which had led me to where I was, so I had no right to look at other people and feel envious of what they…

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